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Advanced Investigative Interviewing Skills

Many professionals are required to conduct interviews in situations where the information obtained may be vital evidence in later proceedings. Without training, the information gained in these interviews may result in evidence being inadmissible, unreliable or without weight and therefore may adversely affect the fairness of any subsequent legal, disciplinary, tribunal hearings. This Advanced Investigative Interviewing course will cover the reasons for investigations, and will provide you with the key skills needed to effectively interview witnesses and injured parties, enabling you to maximise the evidence gained during such interviews. Candidates will learn through a combination of classroom based presentations and discussions, as well as practical interview sessions, and the training will include the reasons for investigations, evaluation of interviews and the compilation of statements.

Areas covered will include:-

  • The human mind
  • How human memory works
  • The effects of stress and trauma on memory
  • Confabulation – filling in the blanks
  • Interviewing techniques – The PEACE model of interviewing
  • What are cognitive techniques and why they are useful?
  • Unlocking memories
  • Documenting Interviews
  • The rules of ‘evidence’
  • Recording information from witnesses

‘Excellent course, which we intend to roll out to Site Management personnel across the group’ – A Anderson, SHEQ Manager, Farrans

Duration: 2 Days (consecutive)

Download this as a PDF file here.